Clarke Roofing Southern Limited4 Hammonds DriveEastbourneBN23 6PW


Clarke Roofing Southern Ltd Environment Policy

Clarke Roofing Southern Ltd is committed to a policy that will lead to a minimising of the adverse impact of our activities upon the environment and on the quality of life of the local communities in which we live and work.

The company recognises the need to comply with all Legislation, especially that which serves to protect the environment. The Company will endeavour to utilise policies and procedures that will ensure conservation of natural resources whilst minimising any adverse environmental impact from our roofing operations. Conservation of our natural resources must begin with waste reduction and recycling.

The Company will strive to ensure that any adverse impact on the environment or quality of life is minimised during the company’s activities and will include where possible the storage, transportation and disposal of products and waste. We will endeavour to keep waste to a minimum and where possible, segregate waste for recycling using only competent and authorised waste management companies for disposal. Noise is a pollutant and we will strive to keep it to a minimum wherever and whenever we are working.

We will aim to continually monitor environmental issues and endeavour to improve our performance in line with current best practice. The effectiveness of this policy will be monitored on a regular basis, with a formal review annually. The policy will be revised as appropriate to reflect any changes in Legislation and in particular to maintain it effectiveness in protecting the environment in respect of our roofing activities. All employees will be made aware of this policy and is available to our clients as necessary.

Policies specific to our Office Environment

We shall endeavour to re use redundant A4 paper in printers and photocopiers where the reverse side is blank.

  • We shall endeavour to recycle, through appropriate facilities all paper, cardboard, glass, tin and other waste.
  • We shall endeavour to only purchase photocopy and printer cartridges that can be re used.
  • Any central heating boiler will be regularly serviced.
  • Where cars are used for business journeys routes will be planned to minimise fuel consumption.
  • All company cars will be regularly serviced.

We will, where possible:

  • Ensure that lights are switched off when not needed.
  • Fit light bulbs with wattage appropriate for their purpose.
  • Seek eco friendly alternatives for cleaning products used and where possible avoid aerosols.

The Company will continue to raise environmental issues at staff meetings, at which current practices, new proposals and our performance will be reviewed and where necessary new targets will be set.